Oriental Rug Cleaning

Thames Carpets are specialists in oriental rug cleaning. Our experience has come from generations of experts handing down trusted methods with proven results. Deep cleaning is by far the most effective rug cleaning method.  Unlike surface cleaning it gets right to the foundation of the rug. If the foundation is not cleaned it becomes brittle and is prone to cracking with general wear and tear or when moved or folded. Our specially formulated shampoo is penetrated deep into the pile to soften the fibres and help them regain their original sheen.

In preparation for cleaning the rug is put through our gentle beating machine to remove any dust and soil trapped in the fibres. Hand cleaning was not very effective until beating machines were introduced. Soil and dust gathers in the knots and is very difficult to break down. The beating machine shakes the rug, loosening the soil whilst at the same time vacuuming it out. Removing the dust from the knots dramatically improves cleaning results.

We have reached exceptional levels in stain removal and are now able to remove all types of stains. Maintaining both quality and lustre. 

Our hand finishing and quality control ensures your rugs and carpets are returned in prime condition. Each item cleaned is closely inspected before being carefully wrapped and delivered back to you.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

Oriental Rug Cleaning Power Brush

Stain Removal

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