Rug Weaving

Thames Carpets have a team of skilled weavers who are able to create identical copies of antique carpets, or contemporary designs. Our team of experts look after commissions from the initial consultation through to weaving and hand finishing. We don’t use third parties for any part of process which keeps us in control every step of the way. We differ from others that offer a weaving service because we keep everything in house.

Our trained staff have come from a background of hand weaving. They have turned their skills and expertise as carpet weavers to intricate carpet restoration. They know the importance of selecting only the finest materials for every aspect of the carpet and use traditional dying techniques to match master weavers of the past. But we have also learnt from the greats mistakes, making the carpets and rugs we produce some of the finest and long lasting in the world. The mistakes of William Morris who chose dute for the carpet foundation. Now his masterpieces are cracking and coming apart as the dute rots over time. Axminster made the very same mistake and we now see many examples of these coming into our repair shop.

We have watched and we have listened and we have learnt and we are able to weave long lasting creations to add to your collection for generations to come.

‘Mr Babreh is pictured here on a carpet he wove as a replacement for the damaged originals of Stafford County Hall 1994’

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