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Thames Carpets: A Family's Love for Rugs Since 1956

Discover Our Eclectic Collection: Handmade Rugs from Around the World - Antique and Modern, All Natural Fibres, in Various Styles and Sizes.

Our own-weave rugs are handmade from wool sourced from our own sheep and dyed using natural dyes extracted from plants in our gardens. Read more

Heriz 'Tree of life' Pictorial Rug, Early 20th Century

Heriz Patchwork Runner by Thames Carpets


Bakhtiari Garden Antique Rug

Bakhtiari Garden Antique Rug


Weaving rug

About Us

Founded in 1956, Thames Carpets passion for rugs spans generations and is currently run by father and daughter duo Bahram and Sophie. Bahram started weaving rugs as a child in the mountains of Northwestern Iran and has dedicated his life to the art of handmade rugs. Sophie grew up with rugs as her playground and now takes pleasure in innovating the rich and intriguing world of antique rugs. Thames Carpets hold a diverse collection of over 1000 antique rugs of every style, size and price-range.

Read the full history of Thames Carpets

Whether you have a specific rug in mind or are seeking inspiration, your rug is waiting to be discovered in our collection. Alongside our vast catalogue of rugs, we are proud to offer an esteemed and first-class rug cleaning and restoration service. With over 65 years of experience, you can rest assured that your treasured rugs are being handled by specialists.

Bahram on a carpet he wove as a replacement for the damaged originals at Stafford County Hall
Bahram and Sophie at Thames Carpets, 2024
An antique Afghan rug. Size 120x80cm
Good Squish on our rugs is the prettiest sight ever
An early 20th century Arts & Crafts rug handmade in Donegal. Size 426x403cm.
A vtg Persian rug size 184x137cm. Available.