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Rug Weaving

Rug Weaving


Thames Carpets weaving service is unique because we keep everything in-house. We handle commissions from the initial consultation, through to weaving and hand finishing, with no use of third parties.

Our team of specialists come from a background of traditional hand-weaving and understand the importance of selecting only the finest materials for every aspect of the rug.

Our expertise as antique rug purveyors and restorers has enabled us to handle rugs from the master weavers of the past, and to understand the characteristics that earned them this status. However, we have also learnt from their mistakes, making the rugs we produce some of the finest and long lasting in the world. For example, the legendary designer William Morris made the mistake of using jute for the foundation of his rugs. His masterpieces are now starting to crack and fall apart as jute is prone to rot. Axminster made the same mistake and we now see many examples of these coming into our repair workshop.

We have watched, we have learnt and we are able to weave long lasting creations to add to your collection for generations to come.

Sustainability is extremely important to us, that’s why our rugs are made from 100% natural and biodegradable materials. We source our wool from our own sheep and our natural dyes are made from the plants that grow in our fruit gardens at our rug weaving workshop in Northwestern Iran and Azerbaijan.

Our bespoke rugs can be woven in any desired shape, size, colour and design. Custom rugs are a unique way to add a touch of creativity to any space.