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Rug Underlay


Monarch rug underlay


Foxi rug underlay


Underfloor heating rug underlay


Rug underlay is an effective method to prevent unwanted movement of your rug, such as creasing and sliding. It can also protect fine or fragile rugs from damage. Thames Carpets stock three types of underlay...

Please note - Handmade rugs are never woven perfectly straight, therefore it’s best to cut the underlay with the rug. You are welcome to bring the rug into our store or have us come to you.

Recommended for use on hard flooring. The bottom layer that goes on the floor is a rubber material to help prevent movement. The top layer is made of felt to provide comfort and protection.

Recommended for rugs on fitted carpet. It is sticky on both sides to provide maximum hold.

Specifically designed for floors with under-floor heating. Non-adhesive material with a mesh grip structure.